more than I bargained for

2 Feb

Hi everyone!  How did your day go?  Mine has been pretty good so far.  We had another snow day today. We haven’t had classes since last Wednesday. If you read the day before yesterday’s post, you can probably tell that the shock factor of being out of school has worn off.  I have to say I was initially shocked when I found out last night, but I’m honestly starting to get kind of used to this whole stay at home and work thing.  I’m kinda liking it;)  Unfortunately, I’ve already received an email today saying that school will be back in session tomorrow, so the fun’s over for now.

This morning was a little more eventful than expected.  Jon had to work today, so we got up and went to the gym to get some cardio in before he had to leave.  There was also a Pilates class at the gym at 8:15 that I really wanted to go to, so I came home and helped Jon get out the door for work, and then I drove back to the gym to do pilates.  I’ve done Pilates several times before and really enjoyed it.  While I enjoyed it today, it was HARD!  We started off working abs and continued working abs for the first half hour of class, then we worked obliques, arms and legs.  By the time it was all over, my body was seriously over it.  It did not want to move.  So, I stumbled out into the cold, pulled myself up into my husband’s Explorer (he drove my car today), turned the key, and….nothing.  Nothing happened but this annoying little clicking noise.

Plan B consisted of walking home because Jon was in an important meeting, and I couldn’t think of anyone else to come and get me.  The good news is that we only live a couple of miles from the gym.  The bad news is that while the streets are mostly clear of ice and snow, the sidewalks have not been attended to AT All.  Also bad news was that all I had on was my spandex capris and a tank top with a light jacket.  I figured I didn’t need to bundle up just for the little jaunt between the car and the gym.  Either way, I definitely got more than I bargained for as far as exercise today.

My eats today were pretty basic, and unfortunately I didn’t have the camera so all my pictures were taken with the iPhone, and they are not pretty.  O’well, you’ll get the idea I suppose.

I started off the day with a toned down version of my usual green monster.  When I got back from exercise round one I was really hungry, but just wanted something light and energizing to get me through Pilates.  So, I tossed the following into the blender:

2 handfuls spinach
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup soymilk
1 scoop Amazing Grass
protein powder

I was a bit concerned about how this was going to taste because I left out my usual 1/2 banana and the other 1/2 cup of soymilk I usually add.  It was pretty tasty, though! I never realized that I didn’t need the banana.  I’m happy happy though because sometimes I’m looking for just a little pick me up that isn’t overloaded with carbs (not that I have anything against carbs:) and is lower in calories.  This was the perfect solution, and it had plenty of protein.

By the time I got home from exercise round 2 and 3, all I could think about was sprinting to the hot shower to thaw out from the frostbite that had taken over my fingers and toes.  The pain of the cold had masked my hunger, but man, once I got all warm, my stomach did not hesitate to let me know that it was HUNGRY!  So, I made a yogurt bowl.

1 container blueberry O’soy yogurt
2 tbsp sliced almonds
3 tbsp clean granola
small chunks of frozen peaches that I found in the freezer
1 tbsp chia seeds

Yum!  Yogurt bowls are seriously one of my favorites!!  I love the mixture of crunchiness and yogurt.  I don’t know why I don’t have this more often.  It’s hard to give equal time to all my favorite things, though;)  I’m sure you guys can identify.

Since I was housebound with no car, I spent the morning working on school stuff.  Not that I would have done any differently had I had a car…I’m just a workaholic.  Seriously, it’s sort of a problem, but a problem for another time and another post.  Jon swung by during his lunch hour and picked me up, and we went and jumped the car.  Turns out a dead battery was it’s only ailment…thank goodness.  Afterwards I decided to treat myself to some Pita Pit.

This baby had the works (the pic does NOT do it justice…don’t be fooled)!

whole wheat pita
bell pepper
hot sauce!

Love this meal!!

Also had this little pick-me-up a few minutes ago – fuji with cinnamon sprinkle and the rest of our soymilk with another half scoop of Grass.

Well, I’m off to go to the grocery store and then it’s back home to make dinner (tbd), cuddle up on the couch and watch LOST!  Any LOST fans out there??  We’ve been waiting months for this season to begin, and I can’t believe it’s finally here!

Have a great night!


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