"breakfasty" things and some thoughts…

20 Feb

Wow, this week has been so busy!  I’ve missed blogging so much.  School has just been completely overwhelming, and I haven’t been able to spend the time posting or reading that I would like to.  I know there are always going to be those times, but in the spirit of honestly, I am feeling a little “down-in-the-dumps” today.  I’ve never really had the drive to be a career focused woman.  I’m much more interested in being a wife and homemaker, but I’ve found myself in a job that takes up so much of my time, even outside of actual work hours.  It’s really hard to find time to do anything else.  So, I apologize for being a slacker this week.  It wasn’t because I didn’t have plenty to say or because I didn’t miss blogging.  It was simply a matter or no time!  This coming week is not looking much better, but I’m going to try my best to carve out more time for other things, and, just as a side note, three weeks from now is Spring Break…yea!!

So, here are couple of things I want to share from the last few days:

A great oat combo!

1/3 cup oats
1 cup water
1 spoonful of canned pumpkin


almond butter
sprinkle of kashi go lean crunch
dollop of soy yogurt

This was a serious bowl of oats, lemme tell ya.  I had high ambitions because Jon and I laid in bed for awhile after we woke up this morning; so by the time we got up, got dressed, went for an hour walk with Olive and then came back home,  I was famished!  This concoction definitely took care of my hunger.

Next up – my favorite breakfast from this week:

So sorry for the crappy pictures.  Here’s the deal – I always borrow Jon’s camera from work to take my blog shots, but lately he hasn’t been able to bring it home, so I’ve been shooting with the iPhone – not ideal.  We are working toward getting a camera of our own in the next few months, and I cannot wait.  Until then, this will have to suffice at times.

This is an Ezekiel cinnamon raisin english muffin, topped with a spread of almond butter or cashew butter and sliced banana.  So easy.  So transportable.  And delish. Love it.

Last…and certainly not least – is something new I tried this week for a midafternoon snack.  The coconut milk yogurt that I got from Whole Foods last Sunday.

I topped this vanilla flavored coconut yogurt with some granola and sliced almonds.   I did NOT like it.  The texture and the flavor were just not working for me.  The texture was very gel like, and the flavor just seemed off.  I’ve seen a lot of coconut yogurt around the blog world, and I’ve been itching to try it.  I’m glad I finally did, but I definitely won’t be buying it again.  I tried to finish this one, but I just couldn’t do it.  It’s very rare for me to try a new health food that I don’t like, but it happens.  o’well…this stuff is not cheap and not available in Stillwater, so it kind of works out.  I’ll stick to my Whole Soy, thank you very much.

Last thing before I sign off for the night.  I have been struggling this past week or so with snacking.  I try to stick to 5 small meals a day, with no random eating in between, and it totally works for me.  The snacking I’ve been doing has not been out of hunger, and that’s why I have a problem with it.  I am still working toward my goal of losing 20 lbs.  I’ve lost about 8 lbs. so far, and while my goal was March 22nd, there’s no way I’m going to make that date.  And I’m totally fine with that.  I’d actually be happy for it to take a little longer, and for me to be able to enjoy life a lot more along the way!  This is a lifelong lifestyle for me, so there really is no hurry.

BUT, I do still want to continue making progress.  So, I’m really going to be working on cutting out the mindless/stress eating.  It negatively impacts the way I feel, mentally and physically.  I feel disappointed in myself and my body doesn’t take to it very well.  Eating too much throughout the day makes me feel sluggish and heavy, with very little energy.  One way I’m going to try to combat it is to think of something else specific that I can do when I feel the urge coming on.  Some ideas include lighting a candle and laying down to rest for 15 minutes or so, taking deep breaths and thinking of the progress I’ve made and how I want to treat my body like the temple that it is, calling someone (hi mom!) and talking out how I’m feeling, or hopping on one of my favorite inspirational blogs to get motivation.

Questions of the day:  do you ever eat due to stress or mindlessness?  What kind of things do you do other than eating when you need something to just calm you down?

I hope you all are having a great weekend and getting some rest and relaxation in!  See ya later!


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