hls – the fun continues

17 Aug

Did you miss recap 1 or recap 2?

Picking up where I left off earlier this morning…

After a fantastic HLS lunch, I made my way to the Time Management session.   As soon as I saw this topic would be discussed, I knew I had to go.

Believe it or not, since I left my teaching job I have had a harder time than ever with time management.  Yes, I’ve had more time since I’m not working outside the home everyday, but I’ve taken on so many new projects.  I’ve upped my time spent on CSM considerably, started teaching (and planning for) PiYo classes, taken on responsibilities with Outbox, started a photography class, taken on students for tutoring, started freelance editing and much more!  I have to say, I love wearing so many hats!  They are all very cute, stylish hats that make me feel good, but it’s been a challenge to manage my time and stay on top of everything.

Needless to say, I hung on every word of this seminar.  The first activity we did was to list out our priorities in order of importance. Here are mine:

1.  Quiet time/Bible study
2.  Spending time with Jon
3.  Sleep
4.  Exercise
5.  Work (including all the projects listed above)
6.  grocery shopping/ preparing meals
7.  time with friends and family
8.  Leisure time/ relaxing (reading, going for walks etc)
9.  Housework (it is now clear why you can’t see the floor under our bed due to all the dust bunnies)

BTW – loving on Olive happens simultaneously with numbers 2, 5, 7, 8 and 9.  Just so you don’t think I’m neglecting her on my priority list;)

Once your priorities are listed out, it’s a lot easier to plan your day around them.  Because of my perfectionist tendencies, I tend to get frustrated when I don’t get to the housework or time with friends/family every day…or even every week.  So I appreciated the following tips that were given:

1. Think outside the box. For example, if I’m running low on time, and I realize I’m not going to have time for everything, try and combine two things, such as exercise and time with Jon by going on a power walk or run together.
2.  Look for conflicts
.  Recognize that there are conflicts.  I probably will not be able to get to everything, every day.  I know…it makes me cringe too, but I need to recognize that fact and accept it.
3.  Compromise.
Be proud of the things you are achieving.  When I don’t have time for everything, compromise by saying “Well, I didn’t get to the housework today, but I’m really glad I got that run in.”  I tend to only focus on the things I didn’t do, and I’m going to make a concerted effort to start focusing on the things I did accomplish.
4.  Plan ahead.  For example, plan in the morning what you want to fix for dinner.  That way if you need something from the store, for instance, you can get it while you’re out during the day, rather than wasting another 20 minutes later on.
5.  Underschedule yourself. Ooooohh.  I am the world’s worst about this.  I think I am often in denial about how long something will take, and I way overschedule myself.  Then I feel frustrated when I don’t get to everything.  Tasks always take longer than you think they will, so plan an extra 10 minutes or so for each task on your list.
6.  Think about your choices.  What is valuable for you?  Make sure you are prioritizing the things that are most important to you.  Then you won’t feel as regretful about the things you didn’t get to.

I really enjoyed this session!

After my time management problems were all solved 🙂 I headed to the next seminar: The Five W’s of Strength Training.  Unfortunately, my laptop was dying at this point, so I didn’t get very good notes.  But I did get inspired to start making more time at the gym for strength training, and I learned the difference between super sets, circuits and split sets (Heather, correct me if I’m wrong on this!:)

Super sets: 2-3 exercises, back-to-back.  Then repeat.  Then break.
Circuit: 8-10 exercises back-to-back.  Break.  Then repeat.
Splits:  different muscle groups on different days.

I think I may have to listen to this session on audio again once it’s posted!

Our last official HLS snack break of the day was sponsored by Athenos.  Hellooo hummus!

watermelon, feta and basil skewers

blue corn chips with a hummus/feta dip (definitely going to have to get this recipe).  These were out of this world delicious.

cucumbers filled with hummus and topped with raisins and almonds

all together now – with the addition of whole wheat pita chips, broccoli, carrots and more hummus

Jennifer came over and asked if I wanted to run over to the Athenos booth and get our picture made.  Did I ever?!?!  I look a tad bit awkward because I was trying to balance that olive on my head – you wouldn’t believe how heavy it was!

I also got a chance to hang out with these beautiful bloggers during the break – JT, Me, Dorry, Freya and Jessie.  These girls were  seriously so cool and so fun!

And the last session, The Ups and Downs of Blogging, was led by Caitlin and Gena.  This session was focused on something that I think most bloggers and readers deal with at least on some level.  There was a lot going on in this session, so I’m just going to give the highlights.  Here are some tips to consider in regard to reading healthy living blogs:

Different doesn’t equal bad. For example, if you can’t run or don’t enjoy running, then blaze your own trail by focusing on your own unique type of workout.  Don’t like the gym?  Be a unique voice for outdoor workouts.  Essentially, be yourself.  Gain inspiration from blogs, but don’t let them make you feel bad for your own unique preferences and talents in fitness and in eating.

Fight superwoman syndrome.  Don’t feel like you have to do everything perfect all the time.  Keep in mind that all of us have weaknesses, bad days, even bad weeks.  On some blogs, the blogger only shows the things that he/she does well and is proud of.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t mess up, it just might be that you don’t see it.

Look internally not externally when setting goals. Don’t base your own goals and aspirations solely on what other bloggers are doing.  Think about who you are and what you love and want to do.  Just because one blogger is participating in a triathlon, doesn’t mean you should too.  It also doesn’t make your 5k any less amazing!

Only read blogs that inspire you, not the ones that make you feel bad. If a blog makes feel negative about yourself in any way, don’t read it!  If a blog doesn’t lift you up and make you feel more motivated and inspired, then it’s not worth your time to read it.

After the last session of the day, it was time to rest up for yoga and dinner!  But first, I had to get a good pic with the best roommates at HLS – Amy and Paige.  They put up with my antics of staying out late and getting up before the sun.  Thanks for being so sweet you two:)  I am so happy to have gotten to spend time with these girls.

Okay, looks like there will be one more final recap going up tomorrow!  I’ll see ya then! G’night.


14 Responses to “hls – the fun continues”

  1. Sarah @Gluten-free tries Vegan August 18, 2010 at 7:13 am #

    I’m loving these recaps. The food looks amazing! And the session summaries, particularly the time management and ups and downs of blogging ones, are hugely helpful. I’m rubbish at time management. I can’t believe i’m half way through my summer and haven’t done half the things I intended to. I have no idea where the time has gone! And only just over 2 weeks left until I’m back on the course and have no life again. Ah well, that’s the way it goes sometimes 🙂

    • candice August 18, 2010 at 3:00 pm #

      Don’t be too hard on yourself, girl – you totally needed and deserved the rest and relaxation of the summer. Glad you’re enjoying the recaps!

  2. Jessie (Bites and Pieces) August 18, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    Loved reading your HLS recap! I have been lazy and haven’t posted mine yet. It’s on my list for today though! 🙂

    • candice August 18, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

      Can’t wait to read your recaps!

  3. Paige @ Running Around Normal August 18, 2010 at 11:01 am #

    The time management seminar was great! I agree – very cute stylish hats you wear 😉

    • candice August 18, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

      lol, thanks:)

  4. PR_Cal August 18, 2010 at 12:29 pm #

    Thanks for posting your notes! I’m going to write my priority list right away!

    SO excited to get my Operation Beautiful book. Did you get to chat with Caitlin at HLS?

    • candice August 18, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

      I just mailed your book off yesterday! I’ve been meaning to email you. I can’t wait for you to get it.

      I did get to chat with Caitlin Friday at the Frito Lay tour and then Friday night at the cocktail party, but unfortunately didn’t really get to catch her the rest of the weekend. She was in high demand:) I was so sad bc I wasn’t able to get our books signed. I didn’t have them with me on Friday:( Sorry!

  5. Dorry August 18, 2010 at 5:21 pm #

    This is a great recap! I’m so glad we happened to be sitting at the same table Saturday afternoon so I could meet you. 🙂

    • candice August 18, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

      oh, me too! It as meant to be:)

  6. Angela (the diet book junkie) August 18, 2010 at 6:20 pm #

    thanks so much for the recaps! it looks like you guys had a blast and were fed some good info. (and some good food. wow!) lookin forward to reading more 🙂

    • candice August 18, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

      Yes, there was definitely good food and good info. Thanks for stopping by!


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