thank you

2 Oct

A stop at starbucks and we’re hitting the road! Back in Stillwater in t minus 10 hours. Hope you’re all having a restful and lovely weekend!

And thank you so much for all of your voted on my Project Food Blog entry – it’s all because of you that I’ll be moving on to round three! You guys are the best readers in the world and I’m so thankful for you:)


4 Responses to “thank you”

  1. Sarah @Gluten-free tries Vegan October 3, 2010 at 1:35 am #

    Hope you’re still having an awesome weekend in Iowa. I’ve missed you!!! 🙂 Lots of love xxx

  2. Halley (Blunder Consruction) October 3, 2010 at 9:09 am #

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for challenge #3! Good luck 🙂

  3. October 3, 2010 at 12:27 pm #

    THANK GOD U MADE IT TO ROUND 3!!! i cant wait ❤ ❤

  4. Amy B @ Second City Randomness October 3, 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    Yea! I haven’t gotten to look up all the finalists yet… glad to hear you were one of them! 🙂

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