peace in heart and body

25 Jan

Well, I’m coming in a day late with my recap of the weekend. The husband and I spent most of the weekend in our new city, and I spent this morning playing catch up with some of the things I didn’t get to even think about doing.

On Friday I really enjoyed hearing all of your stories about geese!  I had no idea that so many people were afraid of them, ha!  It seems that several of you have some kind of scarring memory about a run-in with a goose as a child – never knew they could be such ferocious creatures.  In fairness I think I must clarify that I was catching the smaller, cuter white ducks…not the geese as shown in the picture.  And it sounds like it’s a good thing based on all your stories!

As I mentioned on Friday, we went to a party with our Sunday school class.  We played a game that Jonathan and I had gotten for Christmas called What’s Yours Like?  I was a bit skeptical about it in the beginning, but it ended up being pretty fun!  Everyone had brought different desserts, and there was definitely no shortage of sugar.  I took cupcakes as planned, and I’m excited to share them with you tomorrow!  They were a hit.  No one knew they were vegan, and our friend Greg went back for a second which let me know that they truly passed the test:)

Saturday we got up and after doing some tasks around the house, headed to the city.  We had plans to drive through our future neighborhood to get some ideas for the exterior of our house.  Jonathan carefully crafted a fun design that resembles a craftsman style, and now we’re just trying to get inspired about a color scheme.  While we recognize that building a house is going to be a lot of work, we are pumped to get to pick out everything and make it unique to our style as much as possible. We also met with our builder and signed our contract! Our names are written in blood…there’s not turning back.  Yay!  Building should start in the next month, and we’re looking at about 4ish months until it will be done.

gotta love that Oklahoma red dirt

The biggest decision (of many) that we are trying to make right now is where we’re going to live between now and the time our house gets done, which will be around the end of June.  Both Jonathan’s parents and my mom and step-dad have graciously offered to let us live with them.  We are so thankful for family who are supportive and will sacrifice to help us out. But the big decision is looming of which one to go with.  Jonathan’s parents live about one hour and fifteen minutes from his job, so he would have to commute back and forth everyday, which would be really taxing on him.  Especially considering he’ll be working on Outbox in the evenings as well.  My mom and step-dad only live about thirty-five minutes from his job, but the situation is such that Olive cannot live with us there.  So, we would need to figure out somewhere else for her to live, and it will be really hard for us to have to be away from her for 4 months.  I honestly cannot imagine it right now.  I know some people probably think that is crazy, but those of you who have pets surely understand…right?  But living with my family would be so much less draining of a commute for Jonathan, and more convenient all around (i.e. dropping by our house to check progress, finding a church to get involved in in the city etc).  If we are unable to find somewhere for her to live, then that will obviously make our decision…but even if we do find somewhere we are still torn as to what to do.  Too many decisions!!  The good news is we love both of our families, and living with either one, while being an adjustment, will be great.  We are very blessed. I’m hoping to get some new perspective from you guys on this!

Anyway, so Saturday night we headed to my hometown and got to watch my little cousin play basketball.  I hadn’t seen her play in years, and I had the best time!  I was a super proud cousin too because she played so great.  I think she scored the first ten points of the game all by herself!  She’s super cute, too:)

My sister played on the state championship team when she was a junior, and now a giant picture of her team hangs in the gym.  We got a huge kick out of taking our picture with the Cristen of 1998…I’m sure anyone walking by thought we were ridiculous, but that combined with my cousin being so embarrassed was what made it quite funny.  Maybe you had to be there.

The husband and I partied late with my family and didn’t get back home until late. We spent Sunday morning at church, and then headed to the city once again to meet my mom and step-dad to show them our lot and walk through a house that has our floor plan.  It was fun!  But I realized one thing really quickly – looking at houses after you’ve already signed a contract for yours is like looking at wedding dresses after you’ve already made the purchase for your big day.  Not a good idea.

All in all it was a busy busy weekend, but I’m pretty sure that’s becoming the norm these days….and we’re okay with that. I’m really making every effort possible to stay in a routine in the important areas of my life during this super chaotic time.  I’ll be sharing much of the journey with you as the months go by!  And for starters, that’s going to mean getting a lot more sleep.

The last few days I’ve been focusing more on getting a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in my body.  When things get busy, stressful and/or crazy, the first thing I tend to slack on is having fresh food around.  While we were in the city I picked up Kris Carr’s new book, and I’ve really been enjoying it the last couple of days.  Sometimes a little inspiration goes a long way!  I’ll share more about the book as I keep reading, but so far it has really helped me get back on track.

I’ve been starting each day off with some warm lemon water, which is great for your skin (and we all know I need that!).

Green monsters have also been a daily staple.  Unfortunately the other day I ran out of spinach, so I got creative and decided to try broccoli!

I wouldn’t recommend it.  The only way I got the entire thing down was to chase each sip with water and picture all the amazing nutrients coursing through my veins with every swig.  It was not pretty.  I think I’ll stick to leafy greens for now.

I also had an apple mid morning

For lunch yesterday I threw together a concoction I haven’t had before, and it totally rocked!

baked sweet potato, Earth Balance, black beans, salsa, broccoli

I’ve always thought I only like sweet potatoes baked as rounds or fries, but those days are long gone!  I do think the key for me was having different foods mixed in with each potato bite – it helped break up the mushy texture, and all the flavors worked so well together.  Delicious!

Unfortunately, last night didn’t exactly go as planned.  The husband and I got a late start to the grocery store, and by the time we got done with all our shopping it was 9pm.  I was so tired and hungry, so we stopped at our favorite mexican restaurant.  I ordered two black bean tacos and ate a couple handfuls of tortilla chips.  Not exactly clean fresh food on the chips, but not a bad choice for a restaurant either!

One thing I love about Kris’s book so far is her stance on perfection.  It coincides exactly with my thoughts on the topic.

“The crazy sexy diet (not a diet, but a lifestyle) is an optimum way of life.  Let it be your foundation, a home base to come back to whenever you veer off.  The cleanse is intended to give you freedom from obstruction and liberation… It’s not meant to create or support more stress in your life.  As I said earlier, there’s no such thing as perfection.  Perfect is beige.  Obsessing over every bite is completely contrary to the purpose ans spirit of my book.  Your overall goal is to have a peaceful feeling in your heart and in your body.

With that, I’m off to bed…I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the start to the week!

Any advice on our living situation?  What would you do?
Less than half the commute, but being separated from our baby?  Or a much further commute, but keeping our little family together?  Ahhh!

What was the best moment of your weekend?

26 Responses to “peace in heart and body”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach) January 25, 2011 at 9:46 am #

    I am really interested in that book. Can’t wait to hear more about it. I’ve been craving a sweet potato with black beans and maybe sauteed kale lately. Is there any chance of getting an apartment? I know I couldn’t part with my furbabies. We turned down affordable living when we first got together because they didn’t take pets. I totally understand where you’re coming from!

    • candice January 25, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

      We initially considered getting an apartment, but since our families offered their homes we decided that living for free would just save us so much money!

      Thanks for understanding – it helps to know we aren’t crazy for having such a tough time with this decision. You totally get me – Olive is our baby:)

  2. Halley (Blunder Construction) January 25, 2011 at 9:50 am #

    Hmmm, this is a tough call! I can tell you that my oldest sister took a job in CA this year, and she couldn’t keep her dog with her for the first few months. So, he is currently staying with my parents. It’s sad, but the time will go by quickly. Maybe Olive could stay with the in-laws?

    • candice January 25, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

      Thanks for the insight and suggestion Halley:) Hearing that other dog lovers were able to part with their babies and survive it helps a ton. The time will probably fly by like you said. Not sure about MIL and FIL keeping her – they love Olive, but actually aren’t really big dog people, so it might be a lot for them to take on for four months. I’m just praying that God will provide a solution for us!

  3. salah@myhealthiestlifestyle January 25, 2011 at 10:07 am #

    Thats a tough decision girl. I don’t know what I would do at all :-/ Sorry I’m not much help!

    • candice January 25, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

      It’s okay – I don’t blame you. I’ve analyzed it for days and still have no idea what to do! Love it when you stop by and say hi though:)

  4. Samantha @ Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans January 25, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    I can completely understand why it would be hard to be without your dog for 4 months. I’d be heartbroken too. That said the 4 months will probably fly by and your hubby will be happier with less of a commute so perhaps closer to work is best?

    • candice January 25, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

      Thanks for sharing your perspective Samantha. I know you’re right about the time flying by…it’s just so hard! I keep telling myself “humans come before dogs” haha.

  5. Malissa January 25, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

    Gosh! I don’t envy you for having to make that decision. I love my pups and I would have a really difficult time leaving them for an extended period. If I had a friend or family member with a friendly “buddy dog”, that would probably make me feel a little better. Maybe there is an opportunity to spend weekends with your in-laws and have her with you during those times? Just remember, a beautiful, brand new house with a nice big back yard will make it all better for her (and you) in the end 🙂

    • candice January 25, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

      Thanks for the sympathy, Malissa:) We’ve definitely talked about the idea of heading to the in-laws for the weekends. Jonathan works a lot on our business on the weekends, which would make it tough. But if we end up deciding to leave her with someone, I think we’ll have to make it work! I appreciate your perspective about keeping my eyes on the prize – for some reason I am having a really tough time focusing on that right now! But you’re so right:)

  6. Lisa @ I'm an Okie January 25, 2011 at 4:14 pm #

    where in Oklahoma will you be leaving?

    • Lisa @ I'm an Okie January 25, 2011 at 4:15 pm #

      living, not leaviing 🙂

    • candice January 25, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

      We’ll be moving to OKC (once our house gets done) – just about a mile from Quail Springs. Jon’s parents live in Duncan and mine live in Harrah.
      Where exactly are you? We’ll have to meet up sometime!

      • Lisa @ I'm an Okie January 27, 2011 at 11:55 am #

        !!! I am literally right there. Technically Edmond, but only about 10 minutes from Quail.

      • candice January 27, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

        so crazy! Maybe we’ll be next door neighbors;)

  7. Jennifer@ knackfornutrition January 25, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    Oy, I do not envy your decision. I absolutely understand being torn about leaving Olive. She is a member of the family, so it has to be hard. I don’t know that I can tell you what is right.

    In other news, congrats on your new land!! That is so cool that you are building a house!

    • candice January 25, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

      Thanks for the sympathy, Jenn:) It’s definitely a hard call….and it seems to be getting harder for some reason!

      Thanks for the congrats – we’re super excited!

  8. Sarah January 25, 2011 at 6:34 pm #

    I would be inclined to go with the option where you have a shorter commute but Olive has to stay somewhere else. I had to give up my cat to move to Australia (my sister took him), and it was heartbreaking…but you get her back in the end!! Knowing how attached I was to my cat, I would say that I think you can do it, even though you will miss her. You’ll still probably get to see her, and you’ll have the fact that she gets to join you in your new home to look forward to.

    Also, think about the fact that someone else will get to enjoy your little Olive! Remember the story you just told about petsitting the two dogs, and how it convinced you to get Olive? You loved it, and now you have the chance to give someone else the opportunity to petsit! Reciprocity. 🙂

    Long commutes can be really stressful on relationships, particularly when you are undergoing all sorts of other new stressors, e.g. building a house, moving. I think for the sake of your sanity and your relationship, I’d choose to live with your parents if I were you.

    • candice January 25, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

      Thanks for taking the time to offer your advice and input, Sarah. It really helps to hear from someone else who has had to give up their baby! And I really appreciate your insight about the commute – it definitely is going to be a very crazy few months with a lot of changes and decisions. Until reading your comment I hadn’t thought too thoroughly about the possible strain of that…but it’s definitely something to be concerned about I think. It’s all going to be about keeping our eyes on the prize at the end.

  9. Becky January 25, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    I can definitely understand your struggle to separate from Olive. I would feel very torn, too. Ultimately, I would consider whether the long commute would be an additional stress on you or your relationship. If so, maybe Olive could stay somewhere close by? It’s easy to say, but I know there’s nothing easy about it! Good luck with your decision.

    • candice January 25, 2011 at 10:32 pm #

      Thanks for offering your thoughts, Becky. We’ve been brainstorming a place for her to live that would be close by, but no good ideas yet. I definitely think the commute would add some amount of stress…but if we can’t figure out a place for her we might not have a choice. I know it will all work out in the end, but this decision is so tough! I really appreciate your input:)

  10. sarah@sarahnotsoplainandtall January 25, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    Ive been trying to do hot lemon water each morning too!! And green smoothies are sooooo yummmy!!!!
    I took some inspiration from Spa Bettie and made one with banana, spinach, almond milk, ice and LOTs of cinnamon….so simple yet soooo amazing!!!! It felt more like an indulgence than something that was healthy for me!

  11. amber@SAHM's musings January 26, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    I would opt for the shorter commute. At $3/gallon it seems like the fiscal thing to do not to mention possible bad weather etc. Duncan is FAAAARRRR. My hubby graduated high school from there so I know what that drive is like.

    What addition are you building in? If you want to share you can email me. I’m just curious. My hubby used to work off of May and Memorial. We’re a stone’s throw away if you take the turnpike. He now works off of Western/I44. I’m excited for the new opportunities you will have. I wish I could take your pup but we have a cat and she’s not nice around other animals unfortunately. Our older cat ran away (sniff) on New Year’s Eve. It was heartbreaking but now Tigerlily is much sweeter. I’ll say a little prayer that you get this all worked out.

    • candice January 27, 2011 at 9:04 am #

      Thanks for the advice Amber – you’re definitely right about the gas money. We keep trying to convince ourselves that the drive really isn’t that bad, but the reality is that it’s pretty far. The only other aspect that has come up is that he may be able to work from home a couple days a week, so he would only have to drive 3 days. Still a lot of driving though. It’s good to hear your perspective, though…confirming that it would be tough. So sweet of you to even think about taking Olive…

      I’m going to email you now!

  12. Rhea January 27, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    Candice, I have been meaning to comment on this but I never click off my reader with my Droid! I made the baked potato combo after I saw this post and it was amazing. Definitely a new favorite of mine. I’m going to post a pic and give you a special shout out this weekend 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!


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    […] Thank you all so much for taking the time to offer encouragement and advice regarding our dilemma from yesterday.  I love how I can always count on you guys for great perspective, and I really appreciate every […]

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