praying for japan

11 Mar

I was in the kitchen making the husband’s breakfast when my mom came in and told me that there had been an earthquake in Japan.  Since turning on CNN soon after, I’ve been glued to the tv.

Watching the images is taking me back to several years ago when reports of the tsunami in Thailand/Indonesia were splashed across newspapers and tv.  I still remember it like it was yesterday – sitting in the OKC airport waiting for a flight to see the husband’s family in south Texas – staring in disbelief as I took in the news.  Along with the rest of the world, I stayed glued to the tv for the next few days as my heart ached for the people who were affected.

Just three months later I made my first trip to Thailand with hopes that I could help in even the smallest way.  Three years after that, I made my second trip to the south of Thailand for more tsunami recovery efforts.  It’s hard to believe that three years later these people were still suffering from the devastation.

On Pratong Island in 2005, I remember staring at the loss and pain in the eyes of a man as he told me his story of that awful day.  A fisherman by trade, he had gone out to sea early in the morning and had no idea that anything unusual had happened.  He arrived home a few hours later to find that the wave had washed over his entire island home, taking his entire family with it.  I think of him this morning as the reports of the devastation in Japan flow in, and I pray for the Japanese people.

This wasn’t the post I had planned this morning, but with the events of this morning I just can’t focus on posting about Coconut Lemon bars or yoga.

Let’s just continue thinking about and praying for all the people who have been killed, injured, are still trapped and have lost family members and friends in Japan. Praying that God will bring comfort, safety and peace.


3 Responses to “praying for japan”

  1. salah@myhealthiestlifestyle March 11, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Praying for them as well. This is so sad. My heart goes out to all the victims and families

  2. Theresa March 13, 2011 at 4:43 am #

    We’re all praying for them too, it’s insane. After experiencing a 7.1 earthquake just a couple of kilometres away from my house, I cannot imagine how ridiculously awful a 9 must be! My city is now in ruins, but it’s not my whole country, like in Japan. I can’t help mentioning my own experiences, because they seem to tie us to Japan in a special way, even though their disaster is on a whole other level of terribleness. I really, really pray that the loss of life, infrastructure and economic hardship will not be too hard for them. And that God will bring comfort, but most importantly, work in people’s hearts and draw them to himself.

    Love your blog by the way!

    • candice March 16, 2011 at 8:34 am #

      Thanks so much!

      I totally understand about mentioning your own experience. When we have an experience as traumatic as this earthquake in our lives, I think we forever feel connected to anyone who experiences the same thing. I’m sure earthquakes will always hit you in a deep way because of that.

      I felt kind of silly talking about my experience with tsunami relief in Thailand, but the fact that it was the same type of disaster and it happened to Asian people just really hit home for me. And I wasn’t even the one that lived through it.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment, and I’m joining with you in the same prayer!

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