28 and 29

19 May

These past two weeks have been huge in the baby part of our lives.   We had another shower, a doctor’s appointment that went a little awry, Mother’s Day, our Successful Breastfeeding class and lots more.  Things are getting busier by the day, and I’m so glad that school is almost finished.  I feel really thankful that I get a summer break and that God timed this pregnancy so perfectly for us.  My swollen feet and ankles are thankful as well.

week 28

the picture quality that comes when the husband is still asleep and I take my own picture at 6:30 am in our dark bedroom

It was honestly kind of a stressful week starting on Monday with my routine doctor’s appointment.  It was the week of the ever so talked about glucose test to find out if I have gestational diabetes.   I’ve heard so many girls talk about how stressed they were over getting this test, but after talking to my nurse and finding out that there really isn’t anything you can do to prevent having it, I felt really at ease about it.  I figured I’m a typically healthy person, so there’s probably nothing to worry about and even if I do have it, there’s nothing I could have done to change it, so why worry?

Unfortunately, my positive mindset came crashing down around me when I got the call that I failed by one point.  I was really surprised.  After having so much trouble getting pregnant, this pregnancy has been completely seamless.  No problems whatsoever.  I guess I’ve just started to take for granted how well everything has been going.

The good news was that I only failed by one point, so my nurse was very encouraging and predicted that the follow up test would probably be fine.  So Thursday morning I took a half day off work and went to the hospital to get the three hour test done.  It went something like this:  Fast from midnight until the next morning.  Have blood drawn.  Drink special sugary drink.  Wait one hour.  Get blood drawn a 2nd time.  Wait another hour.  Get blood drawn a 3rd time.  Wait another hour.  Get blood drawn a 4th time.  Have husband meet me in the hospital parking lot with a sandwich.  Eat in the car while racing back to school for 4th hour.  Get extremely shaky and lightheaded upon arriving at school.  Teach 4th, 5th and 6th hour.

Pleasant morning I tell ya.

I didn’t get my results until the following morning, and I have to admit my emotions were going a little crazy.  I think I will remember weeks 28-29 as being the weeks I started to feel like the typical emotional pregnant person.  One minute I’m feeling completely rational, and the next I feel like I can’t stop the tears from everything I’m happy, stressed, scared and/or overwhelmed about.  When I got the call, it kind of felt like time stood still until I heard my nurse say “your results from the second test came back perfectly normal.  You have nothing to worry about.”  Relief washed over me, and I prayed a serious prayer of thanks.  I definitely got a new dose of perspective and am taking every moment to thank God that our babies are healthy, I’m healthy and I’m still carrying on with life and not having preterm labor signs or having to go on bedrest.

week 29

Another new pregnancy issue that started last week is swelling.  The day of my shower here in OKC (which I have yet to blog about) I wore heels.  About halfway through the shower I felt something weird, and when I looked down I couldn’t believe how big my feet and ankles were!  Sadly, I only thought they were big that day.  They have progressively gotten worse, and it has even spread up into my legs.  I spent the first couple of weeks in full belief that at least 10 pounds of my pregnancy weight had taken up residence on my legs. As much as I tried to not care and focus on the twins, it was a little disheartening.  I have to say – it’s never easy to see sudden and excessive weight gain, even with two sweet little babies in your belly.  At least not for me.

And then I had a revelation.  The only time I really inspect my legs is at night when I shower and then put on lotion.  But yesterday morning as I was bending over the bathtub getting my hair wet, I happened to notice that my legs looked pretty normal.  Upon further inspection, I realized that they are actually normal and what I’m experiencing at night is 99% swelling.  While swelling is not fun, it’s a hundred times better than weight gain.  And much more temporary I might add.  So, while small and pretty inconsequential, I have oddly added swollen legs to my list of things to be thankful for.  And just to clarify, I’ll take weight gain in my legs any day if it means getting to be pregnant…it’s just not necessarily an enjoyable part of the process.

more of week 29

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Today we took our second baby class.  The first, Baby Basics, was a little too basic.  It went for four Monday nights from 7 – 9:30, and I’m fully convinced it could have probably happened in about a fourth of that time.  We learned things like how to make sure your smoke detector’s working and how not to leave a straightening iron in baby’s reach.  Thrilling, really.  I know there are some people out there who really maybe don’t think about things like that, but by the fourth week we just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to drop out.  No shame whatsoever.

So going into today’s class on successful breastfeeding, my expectations were pretty low.  I have read, researched and talked to a lot of people about breastfeeding, but it’s just such an important thing I figured it couldn’t hurt to do as much preparation as possible.

Thankfully, it was much more practical and helpful than the last class.  I learned a lot of practical advice on everything from how to avoid pain to how to store breastmilk, and I think Jon learned even more.  I’m planning on solely breastfeeding both babies if possible, and I really feel a lot more prepared and knowledgeable after today.  So glad we gave the classes another chance.

So those were pretty much the main highlights (and lowlights) of the last two weeks.  Now for a compilation of thoughts on weeks 28 and 29:

  • started trying to teach Olive her place in the nursery (more on this later)
  • still having lots of pain in my stomach and back and definitely an increased struggle with sleeping
  • purchased baby girl her first baby doll
  • got to practice holding twin babies for the first time and I think I can say it was successful
  • let the babies have their first green smoothie
  • glucose test success!
  • loved getting to celebrate my first Mother’s Day
  • major swelling and reduction in my shoe selection – down to one pair:(

1.  olive on the back of the babies’ chair – where she thinks she belongs
2.  olive in her bed on the nursery floor – where she must learn that she belongs
3.  practicing with a friend’s twin baby girls
4.  baby girl’s first doll


One Response to “28 and 29”

  1. amber@SAHM's musings May 20, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Yay for passing the glucose test. I get to do that soon too! Yippee {note the sarcasm} 😉

    That doll is so cute! Love the polka dot sheets!

    Can I just say you are one of the cutest pregnant mamas I’ve ever seen! Seriously! Love the hair! It looks so cute! I used to have that style many years ago and sometimes think about chopping it all off again. Lots of random comments but that’s how I roll these days.

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