hospital day 6 – happy 33 weeks!

15 Jun

Well.  I don’t even know where to start with today’s update.  What I thought was going to be a slower day due to lack of visitors and and no magnesium turned out to be pretty eventful.

Yesterday my MIL and FIL came to visit followed by my SIL and my nephew.  I really enjoyed getting to spend time with them all…especially the cuddle time with my sweet Cooper.  I also got my room switched while they were here, so I got to see outside my room for the first time since Saturday.  It was thrilling really:)

I had been off the magnesium all day yesterday, which was really nice considering I was trying to spend time with people.  It’s always good to be able to see visitors without feeling like your eyes are crossing when you look at them, haha.  Everything had gone well, and then last night while Jon and I were watching the Thunder game, I started having contractions again.  It just seems like they’re never going to stop.  I think my body has decided it wants to have these babies and it’s going to keep persisting!   Thankfully instead of putting me back on the magnesium again, my doctor decided to give me a shot called Breathine instead.  It basically does the same thing, but with different side effects.  Instead of slowing down my system, it sped it up a bit, making me shaky and wide awake.  Just in time for bed.  Perfect.

So needless to say I didn’t sleep last night.  I was an interesting night of watching the big red, digital clock in my room in between hourly visits from my nurse.  It really could have been a lot worse as I wasn’t uncomfortable or anything.  I was able to do a lot of thinking.  I thought a lot about the twins of course…which I can never get enough of.  While the Breathine worked for the most part, by this morning it had started to wear off and the contractions were back yet again…so I got another shot.

A couple of hours after the shot, my doctor came by and was a bit surprised I think to find that my contractions had subsided.  He told me that he had come down with the intentions of moving forward with getting the babies out, but seeing that they had subsided, he of course decided against it.  I was completely in shock to hear him say that, and I couldn’t believe that we had come so close to getting the babies here today!  It was of course a mix of excited shock, but mostly scared shock…because I know they aren’t quite ready to be here yet, and I want so badly for my body to keep them in a little longer.

After my doctor left, we settled back in, and I was feeling fine for the most part.  Until I wasn’t that is.  Sometime around ten this morning I started having pains.  I partially felt like it was pain from my catheter, but I think it was pretty clear that wasn’t all it was.  Unfortunately, my contraction monitor had kind of come loose, which I didn’t realize, so I wasn’t getting an accurate reading.  I realize now that it was probably a combination of a little bit of catheter pain as well as contractions.  Just like Saturday night and in true Candice fashion I tried to endure the pain for a little bit too long (at the time thinking it wasn’t contractions because the monitor wasn’t picking any up).  The husband finally made me page the nurse, and by the time she got to my room I was really hurting.  After talking to me, she decided to page my doctor to see what he thought, and he decided to take out my catheter and also check my cervix to see if I had progressed any since last Saturday.  Wow, can I just say how much fun cervix checks are NOT?

My first nurse checked me, and I think she was trying to be really careful because I was hurting so badly.  After checking me for a few minutes, she announced that she didn’t feel my cervix at all and all she could feel were the babies.  But she immediately said she wanted a second opinion and left the room to go get another nurse.  I’m not going to try and pretend I handled this situation well.  Between the pain I was feeling and the overwhelming emotion of thinking they were about to wheel me in for my c-section (my babies are both breech right now), I kind of lost it.  The husband was right there, and he stayed so calm, telling me it was going to be fine and talking me through it…trying to get me to calm down my breathing.  It was a very overwhelming, hectic time.  Moments later the nurse came back in along with the second nurse, who was not quite so afraid of hurting me.  At the time I kind of thought I was going to die, but I’m definitely glad because she got a more accurate measurement and realized my cervix had not actually changed much since I checked in early last Sunday morning.  We are still praising the Lord for this news!

After realizing this it was decided that I would not in fact be wheeled in to meet our babies, but instead my doctor decided I would be given another Breathine shot.  He came in awhile later to talk to us and basically said that since I have not dilated much further than last Sunday, he still wants to try to get me through to the middle or end of next week if possible.  That means that if I start contracting again, he’ll probably start me on the magnesium again to stop it.  While I’m not excited about this, I’m definitely okay with it.  Obviously I think it sounds like a great idea to try and get me through another week (the husband and I are secretly hoping for another 2 weeks:).

The ins and outs of bedrest are definitely wearing on me, and I can’t say I have a good attitude 100% of the time.  But I’m trying my best to see the good and be thankful for each day that the babies stay inside.  Tomorrow will mark one week since we checked into the hospital, and in less time than that my doctor thinks we’ll meet baby boy and girl.  Tonight we’re celebrating 33 weeks with the Wedge pizza brought be a very sweet friend, and we’re keeping in mind that this very well could be the last Friday night we spend just the two of us!


4 Responses to “hospital day 6 – happy 33 weeks!”

  1. Abby Fox June 16, 2012 at 12:26 am #

    I hope the pizza was wonderful and that you aren’t up to read this. Hang in there! You are already such a great mom.

    • candice June 16, 2012 at 11:33 am #

      Thanks so much for the encouragement Abby – it’s so good to hear from you! It’s been way too long. Hope everything is going great for you guys:)

  2. Sarah June 16, 2012 at 1:03 am #

    My niece was born at 32 weeks, and she’s now a healthy, beautiful 6 year old! It’s my understanding that once you make it to 32 weeks, the chances of the babies feeling fine shoots up exponentially! So of course another two weeks would be great, but I think you and your babies will do fine even if they were delivered tomorrow. Thank you for keeping us all updated!

    • candice June 16, 2012 at 11:36 am #

      Wow, how wonderful that your niece did so well! Thank you for the encouragement…I need all the positive stories I can get. The doctors keep telling us that 33 weeks is just fine and that the babies will need help, but that they’ll be okay. It’s definitely so comforting to know that, but I already feel like my heart is being ripped out when I picture them being born so tiny and having to live in the NICU for awhile. It’s all about perspective though…and I’m trying to keep it good! I know we really are lucky in so many ways:)

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