happy two months, baby boy

4 Sep

{a few weeks late}

One thing I’ll always remember about this time in your life is how many incidents we had changing your diaper.  You went through a phase where almost every single time we opened your diaper, you would spray us.  You even got your sister in the face a couple of times!  This went on for about a week, and no matter how good mama and daddy thought they were getting at preventing it, you would still find a way, ha!

– from Mama’s letter to you

Weight – 7 lbs 5 ounces
Eating – nursing exclusively!
Sleeping– Naps have been a little hard for you lately.  You will be so tired, but you just don’t want to be laid down to go to sleep!  If we can get your paci to stay in your mouth, you’re usually fine, but it’s kind of tricky.  During the night, you usually will go a four hour stretch without eating, and the rest 3 hour stretches.  That’s all we let you do right now because we’re trying to get you to gain weight still, but the other night we accidentally slept through the alarm and you went 5 hours!
Clothes – I’ve started dressing you everyday now, and you are so cute in all your little clothes.  The Gap up to 7lbs size fits you pretty well, but it’s starting to be too short!  I think we’ll probably start wearing 0-3 month stuff in the next couple of weeks.
Diaper – Still wearing newborn Bum Genius, and they’re still a little loose around your legs…but otherwise they fit you really well.
Favorite activities –laying on your activity mat, laying on mama or daddy’s chest, eating, baths just as of the last week (before that you hated them)
Least favorite activities – laying down for naps, getting lotion rubbed on you
Big moments in your second month of life – you almost rolled over!!, focused your eyes and followed an object, met your grandpa Hal for the first time, started holding your head up much better, stayed home without mama and daddy for the first time


One Response to “happy two months, baby boy”

  1. Debbie McCoy September 8, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Hey Linc – Just amazed at all the progress you are making growing up. I like it that you are so laid back but still try so hard to do things that will make you strong. Hang in there buddy – you make us all so proud. Love Gramma

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