happy 3 months, Vivi

30 Sep

Now that you are three months old, I feel like it has been a very long time since I’ve gotten any good sleep, and sometimes that makes me kind of grumpy.  Just today at lunch I told your daddy that despite my grumpiness I wanted him to know how much I love getting to stay home with you and your brother.  For every moment in the day that I feel tired, there are a thousand more that make me feel on top of this world, just because they are spent with you.  Daddy responded by telling me that he already knows that because he can see it in my eyes.  Even at 3:30 am when I get up to nurse you, he can see it in my eyes.

from mama’s three month letter to you

What you weigh – 7 lbs. 7 oz.

What you eat – nursing full time still!

How you sleep – Aside from a few day span last week, you are still our good little sleeper.  You sleep awesome at night.  Right now we put you down after your bath at about 8 o’clock and you sleep until 1am.  You eat and then you sleep until about 4:30am.  Then you go back down and wake up about 7 – 7:30.  You never cry at night, and I have to wake you to eat.  You usually look at me like “what in the world are you doing waking me up?!”  There’s no telling how long you’d go if we let you wake us up.  I hope we get to find out sometime soonJ  Naptime has been a little hard this month.  You eat about every 3 hours now, and your naps range from an hour and a half to an hour and forty five minutes.  Most of this month, your daddy and I have had a really hard time getting you to nap.  You want to wake up and cry ever 20 minutes or so!  But recently you’ve gotten better to where you usually cry for just a couple of minutes when I lay you down, but it doesn’t take long for you to pass out.  Usually you wake up after about 45 minutes, but I just give you your paci and we’re good to go!  Hopefully we’ll keep getting better!

What you wear – One of my favorite things in the world is dressing you up.  You are so darn cute in everything!  I try to coordinate you and Linc when I can, but sometimes you just have to be your own girlJ  You are still wearing your “up to seven pounds” clothes from Gap, but they are getting smaller and smaller.  You also wear some 0-3 months stuff now too.

Diaper – You are still wearing the Bum Genius newborn sized cloth diaper.

Favorite activities – bath time, being toted around the house while being held up where you can see everything, swinging, sitting in your Bumbo seat, bouncing

Least favorite activities:  the end of playtime when you start to get sleepy (you get mad!), laying down where you can’t see what’s going on, getting burped (although you’re really good at itJ)

Big moments in your third month of life – your first overnight trip with mama and daddy to Dallas, your first smile

One Response to “happy 3 months, Vivi”

  1. amber October 2, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    they are precious! can’t believe it’s already been three months. they have beautiful eyes! it might be fun to have a “playdate” with the babies soon 🙂

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