happy happy 4 months, sweet Vivi

29 Oct

There are so many things I love so much about you as you grow and change.  I love the way you stop nursing at times and just turn and stare at me with the sweetest little look on your face.  I love how you have new, spiky little hairs growing in, but also still long hairs that seem to still be in place from when you were born.  I love how big your cheeks have continually gotten and the way they make your eyes crinkle up when you smile.  I love how you are so big to stand on your own, but you are still so wobbly and jerky from the waist up because you’re still my tiny baby girl.  I love how delicate your little fingernails are and how they contrast with your chubby little hands and wrists.  I love how squishy you have become.  I love how your little feet and ankles look when you stand up.

– from mama’s letter to you

What you weigh – 8 lbs. 6 oz.

What you eat – nursing full time still! Right now you are still eating every 3 hours during the day.  At the end of this month Dr. Sigler finally gave us permission to let you sleep until you wake up at night, and the first time we let you, you slept almost 10 hours!  I fed you at about 7:30, we put you in your crib about 9, and you slept until 4:30 am!  We couldn’t believe it.  You did that several nights in a row, and then we noticed you weren’t gaining weight any more.  So, we started giving you a dream feed around 10:30.  For some reason you just don’t sleep quite as well or as long the more we wake you up to eat, so as of this week we’ve been waking you up to eat around 2 or 3, and we’re hoping your weight gain will be okay.  Sometimes we still struggle with you falling asleep when you’re supposed to be eating, but you’re getting better all the time.
How you sleep – You are still our good little sleeper.  You sleep awesome at night.  Right now we put you down after your bath at about 9 o’clock and you sleep until 4am unless we wake you up earlier to eat. Then you go back down and wake up about 7 – 7:30.  You never cry at night, and I have to wake you to eat.  Sometimes I wonder if you’d just keep right on sleeping until morning if we let you.  Naptime has been a little hard this month.  You eat about every 3 hours now, and your naps range from an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half.   You still cry a little bit while you’re falling asleep, but not for very long.  I can always count on your to pass out pretty soon after I put you down.  Usually you wake up after about 45 minutes, but I just give you your paci and we’re good to go!  Hopefully we’ll keep getting better!

What you wear – One of my favorite things in the world is dressing you up.  You are so darn cute in everything!  I try to coordinate you and Linc when I can, but sometimes you just have to be your own girlJ  You can technically still fit in the up to seven lbs. size from Gap, but it is really getting too small for you.  0-3 months clothes fit you really well, aside from some pants and tights.
Diaper – You are still wearing the Bum Genius newborn sized cloth diaper.  Although the other day I tried the bigger sized Bum Genius on you, and it fit you pretty well.  As soon as we can purchase them, we’ll probably go ahead and move you up!
Favorite activities – bath time, being toted around the house while being held up where you can see everything, swinging, sitting in your Bumbo seat, standing up

Least favorite activities:  the end of playtime when you start to get sleepy (you get mad!), laying down where you can’t see what’s going on, getting burped (although you’re really good at itJ), moving from the bathtub to your towel when you’re wet, tummy time

Big moments in your fourth month of life – your first laugh, first trip to church, linking arms and holding hands with Linc, first time to stay home with mama without Linc

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