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10 Aug

Well, I am officially now 27 years old!

Thanks so much to all of you for your sweet birthday wishes – blogging is one of my top favorite things about my day, and it’s mostly because of you!

I decided to start my day off right this morning by going to PiYo class.  This particular class is really hard core and challenging, which is the main reason why I love it!  It always pushes me to limit and gives me great ideas of flows to incorporate into my own classes.

Before I left, I threw down 1/2 of this Larabar – just to have a little something in my stomach.  Nothing like shakin’ in my lulu’s when I’m in plank!

After I got home from yoga, I have to admit – aside from showering  I spent my whole morning on twitter/email.  I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed by social media today!  There is just so much going on with Healthy Living Summit being this weekend.  It’s hard to disconnect.

I am so stoked to be going to HLS this weekend.  This is the second year for it, and I remember last year reading recaps from Jenna and wishing I could have gone.  It blows my mind that I’m actually going this year!

HLS is basically a two-day conference for anyone who loves and is passionate about healthy living.  And you don’t have to be a blogger to go!  So, if you think it looks like fun you should definitely make plans to go next year!  Then we could meet:)

It’s going to be a crazy ride starting on Thursday night for me.  Like a crazy person I booked a flight that leaves Wichita at about 7ish Friday morning.  Since I don’t want to pay for an extra night at a hotel, I’ll be leaving at about 1:30 am Friday morning to drive there!!!  Yes, that’s right – 1:30 IN THE MORNING.

Seeing as I have the sweetest husband in the entire world (IMHO at least:) he is insisting that he drive me the 2 hours to the airport and then turn around and drive all the way home. So, unless I can talk him out of it, I’ll be chauffeured! lol.

Once I arrive in Chicago Friday morning, I’ll be rushing to get to the hotel and leave for the Frito Lay tour by 9:20am (omg, it’s gonna be a long day).  The next event will be the Open Sky cocktail party Friday night, which you may remember from this post.  I’ll have to update you on the dress decision later.  It was a doozy!

Saturday will be filled with sessions all day, and then that night I’ll be going to a yoga class at a Chicago studio, followed by a fun dinner!  Sunday morning I have another early flight (what is the matter with me?!), and I’ll be back home getting slobbery kisses (from Olive of course;) by Sunday at about 10am.

I’ll be sharing the details and pictures with you as the weekend goes, and they will be recording the sessions, so you’ll all have a chance to listen sometime after the conference if you’re interested!  I just wanted to give you the low-down since I keep mentioned it all the time.

Now back to today.

For some reason I didn’t have much of an appetite after PiYo this morning…until about 10:45 am when it hit me like a ton of bricks!  So, I fixed the only snack appropriate for a mexican food addict/birthday girl

Yes, chips and salsa before the 11 o’clock hour.  ‘Cause that’s how I roll:)

It’s not nearly as crazy as this breakfast was!

This held me over perfectly until the husband swooped in and saved me from twitter by taking me out to one of our favorite little cafes in town – Red Rock.

I ordered the same thing I always order there, and it was delicious!!

I can’t seem to find the photo of my sandwich, but you can see it peeking out in this pic!  It had all kinds of veggies on it + pesto sauce

recycled photo

So far it’s been an awesome birthday, and I just really feel so thankful:)  Thanks again for the sweet comments this morning – totally made my day.

I’m gonna run and get some work done, but I’ll see you later!!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by social media?  Are you on twitter and facebook?  What do you love and what do you hate about social networks?

help a girl out!

25 Jul

Good morning!

Yesterday Jon and I slept in and then went a did some shopping around town.  Krazy days is going on right now, which is a weekend in our town where all the shops have huge sidewalk sales.  We didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to wander around a bit.

I spent most the rest of the day working on our budget/bills and looking for a dress for Healthy Living Summit.  I found a dress Friday night on the sale rack at White House Black Market.  I like it okay, but it was pretty pricey…even on sale.  I’m kind of torn about what kind of dress to get.  It’s a cocktail party, so I feel like I need a cocktail party dress; however, I really don’t want to pay $100+ for something that I probably won’t wear again.  On the other hand, it might be nice to have a fancy dress on hand just in case something comes up.  That way I can avoid being in this situation again, and having nothing to wear.

I’m really tempted to just buy a dress that is a bit less nice, but that I could wear more often.  Plus, I’m always in the market for a new cute dress – I love dresses! I really don’t want to be underdressed though! Here are some pictures of dresses I’m considering…what do you guys think?  Are you tired of hearing the word “dress” yet?  ha.

This is the one I bought Friday night.  I like the way it fits and all, but I just don’t love it and again, not sure if I’ll really wear it again

This one is from Modcloth.  It’s quite a bit less dressy, and I don’t completely love it.  BUT – it’s $28!

I really like this one from Modcloth, but it might not be dressy enough.  It’s a little more pricey, but I definitely would wear it again.  It’s in my top two favorites.

This one is from Modcloth and I originally saw it on Jen’s site.  I love the style, but it’s a little short in length.  It seems that many Modcloth dresses are quite short.

Also from Modcloth.  Adorable – but also on the short side (25 inches from top of bust to hem)!

I like this one from Anthropologie.  It’s the most expensive and still not as dressy as the black. Some reviews said the gray color of the lace made it less dressy.   But I could wear it a lot.

Okay, so you see the dilemma?  lol.  There are actually several from Modcloth that I would snatch up in a heartbeat, but they’re out of stock (of course, right?!).  I’m supposed to receive an email when they’re back in stock, but Healthy Living Summit is in 3 weeks, so I don’t exactly have time to wait!

I have to run so we’re not late for church, but I just wanted to get your opinions!  Help a girl out! 🙂

I’ll be back a little later with some eats and some race talk.  Yep, race talk:)

Hope you’re having a great Sunday morning!!