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lulu, i love you

9 Aug

Hola, friends!

Well, I almost just sold my right arm tonight to buy Lululemon pants. I kid, I kid.  However, I did really just use almost every last bit of my birthday money for them, though.  And my birthday isn’t even until tomorrow.  Oops!

Anyways, here’s the loot

I had never even seen these pants before, but I found them in the sale section and they had rave reviews!

This weekend is the Healthy Living Summit (which I’ll be talking more about as the week goes on), and on Friday some of us are going to tour the Frito Lay Plant.  Just about a week ago, I received an email informing me that I must wear long pants, but no jeans.  Say what?!

This probably sounds crazy, but I don’t own a pair of long pants that aren’t jeans, other than my nice dress pants that I wear wore to work.  I am not even considering wearing dress pants and high heels to a Frito Lay Plant, thank you.  So, when I saw these I thought they’d be perfect!

The next pair are what I actually set out to buy.  I had already decided that if I received any money for my birthday I would use it for these pants.  I already have the wunderunder crop pants and I absolutely love them!  I wear them almost every single day, no lie.  I’ve been thinking that when it starts to get cold I’m going to wish I had a full length pair (especially now that I’m teaching classes:), and with the price I knew it was birthday money or never!

I’m so excited for these to arrive!  Thank you mom, Clark, grandma, Jamie, Kristin, Brad and Debbie:)

Anyway, on to less materialistic matters.  Breakfast this morning was a green monster.  But not just any green monster – a green monster in the new cup my mom and step-dad got me for my birthday.

2 big handfuls of spinach, 1.25 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 scoop Amazing Grass, ice

I love drinking my gm’s through a straw, but I get so tired of throwing plastic straws in the trash every single day.  So, I have been contemplating buying a glass straw, but this is even better!  It’s a whole cup!  Thanks mom and Clark:)

Because we got back so late from the concert last night, I hadn’t planned on getting a run in this morning.  But at about 10:30am I still hadn’t showered and my body was just begging me to go get a workout in.  Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you might just go crazy if you don’t get some sweat flowin’? So, I took off to the gym, ran a quick 3 miles in just a little over 27 minutes and drove back home just in time to hop in the shower before lunch.

The usual.  Whole wheat pita with homemade hummus, black bean burger, broccoli slaw and pickles.

I have been feeling so uninspired when it comes to lunches lately.  I guess I’m just in a rut!  I’m going to have to brainstorm some new ideas quick!

a little later I snacked on some plain soy yogurt with raw oats and a sprinkle of granola

While I did eat dinner I’m too embarrassed to tell you what it was, so no pics.  I’m sure you can guess;)  I’ll tell ya this much – it was tasty!

I’m off to bed!  You guys are awesome!

Do you eat basically the same thing for lunch everyday?  Or do you mix it up a lot?  Please share your ideas for a quick and healthy go-to lunch! I need some inspiration!